Practice Areas


Capital markets in Venezuela comprise an important part of the Venezuelan financial system and is an interesting source of funds for operations in Venezuela. Our firm has been involved for a long time in different forms of capital market transactions, both in debt and equity instruments. Among others, the type of work that we perform in this area includes the following:


  • Preparation of prospectus and registration forms and processing registration of issues.
  • Obtaining necessary approvals for ADR programs.
  • Preparation of auxiliary documentation for a primary placement, including placement agreements, trust indentures (agente provisional) and others.
  • Advice regarding portfolio investments by international funds and other institutional investors in Venezuelan securities.
  • Structuring of international financing instruments, including Eurocaribe bonds. Eurocaribe bonds is a term that we use to describe bonds issued by Venezuelan companies that are later placed out of Venezuela. Eurocaribe bonds, unless they are cross-registered, that is, placed for circulation in the Venezuelan capital markets, do not at the resent time require special securities and exchange approval.


We are constantly monitoring and advising our clients in relation to any developments in the capital markets legislation.

For many years we served as external counsel of the National Securities and Exchange Commission.